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Public Hearing Wednesday June 27, 2018 7PM Brookfield Town Hall

Proposed Benefit Assessment Resolution for Rollingwood Condominum Unit Owners

(Includes commercial property owner 265 Federal Road, LLC at 265 Federal Road)

Recent public hearings were held at the Brookfield Town Hall on the following matters. These notices were published in The Danbury News Times and the Brookfield Pennysaver. (The Resolutions on the notices at the bottom of the page were formally adopted with minor tweaks.) Click on links immediately below to download ther final resolutions as approved.

Benefit Assessments Federal Road Properties new on or after October 1, 2017

Public Hearing Usage Rate Changes April 26, 2017

Public Hearing Rules and Regulation Changes Mar 22, 2017

Rollingwood Project Detail November 16

 Benefit Assessment billing date change from Dec 1 to Jun 1

 Reduction of Benefit Assessments for Federal Road North District

 Approved Resolution Center School

 Approved Resolution Del Mar Drive Area

 Approved Resolution Federal Road North

 Approved Resolution Sandy Lane

 Approved Resolution Three Condo District


Wednesday, June 27, 2018 7:00PM: New Benefit Assessments (Rollingwood)

Those served by the Rollingwood Condominium Sewer collection system are all subject to a Benefit Assessment to share in the cost of the paying for the transtion from a pump station to a gravity sewer system. The Benefit Assessments are based on the Grand List Value of each property as determined by the Town Assessor. [More ...]