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  MaintenanceKeeping the Underground Underground
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  Brookfield WPCA Rules & RegulationsAdopted Rules & Regulations Change | March 2017
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  Commercial Account SurveySurvey of Tenants/Owners of Commercial Properties
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  >WPCA Usage ChargesThe Usage Charge for the Sewer as a Utility
  >2018-19 Budget NarrativeBrookfield WPCA Budget Narrative – FY2018-19
  >WPCA Usage Charge IncreaseThe Usage Charge for Brookfield Sewer Utility
  >WPCA Usage Charge HistoryThe Budget and Usage Charge History
  >Capital Cost Recovery FeeCapital Cost Recovery Fee - 2% in the Southwest District
  InitiativesService Initiatives
  Cost Index ResidentialCT Cost Index Residential Properties
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  >System Upgrade Projects 2017-18New WPCA Operations Center
  >System Upgrade Projects 2016System Upgrade Projects
  >System Upgrade Projects 2015System Upgrade Projects
  >System Upgrade Projects 2014System Upgrade Projects
  >Infrastructure UpgradeInfrastructure Improvements - Main Station Grinder
  >Federal Rd-NorthFederal Rd-North Sewer District
  >Federal Rd-SouthFederal Rd-South Sewer District
  >Federal Rd-North Rate ReductionFederal Rd-North Assessment Rate Reductions 2012 & 2015
  >Town BuildingsTown Schools and Municipal Buildings
  >Three CondoThree Condo District
  >Old New Milford RoadOld New Milford Road In-Fill Project
  >Del Mar DriveDel Mar Drive - Industrial Area Project
  >Sandy Lane AreaSandy Lane Area Project
  >RollingwoodRollingwood Condominiums
  >Rollingwood Project DetailRollingwood Project Detail
  >Geographic Information SystemGeographic Information System (GIS)
  >GIS AgreementGeographic Information System (GIS)
  >High Meadow Area High Meadow; Ledgewood; Newbury Crossing Condominiums
  >High Meadow Project Cost EstimateHigh Meadow Project Cost Estimate
  >High Meadow Sewer Area Benefit AssessmentsHigh Meadow; Ledgewood; Newbury Crossing Condo Benefit Assessments
  >High Meadow NarrativeHigh Meadow/Ledgewood/Newbury Crossing Project Elements
  >Construction ScheduleHigh Meadow Project Construction Schedule
  >Dean Road AreaDean Road / Pocono Road
  Danbury Plant UpgradeDanbury Plant Upgrade
  AssessmentsWPCA Assessments by Sewer District
  Q & AQuestions with Answers
  InitiativesNew and Recent Projects
  Approval ProcessWhat Does it Take to Get a Sewer Project Approved?
  On-Line MonitoringOn-Line Monitoring
  Dean Road Area SurveyDean Road Area Survey
 BrookfieldBrookfield Regulations
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  Meeting MinutesDraft and Adopted Minutes of WPCA Meetings
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  Danbury POTWDanbury Treatment Plant Connection
  Brookfield Studies and PlansBrookfield Sewer Service Studies and Plans
  >Water Pollution Control Plan | Brookfield Water Pollution Control Plan
  >10-Year Sewer Map | 10-Year Sewer Map
  >Flow Project From 2012 - 20-Year Report | Future Sewer Service Flow Projections From 2012
  >Water Pollution Control Plan - MAP PDF | Brookfield Water Pollution Control Plan - Map
  >Water Pollution Control Plan - MAP | Brookfield Water Pollution Control Plan - Map (Web View)
  >Candlewood Lake Pollution Focus | Candlewood Lake Pollution Focus
  >Lakes in Pictures - Phosphorus Levels |
  >Lakes in Pictures - Chlorophyll - a |
  >Lakes in Pictures - Phycocyanin |
  >Candlewood Lake Pollution Focus | Lake Pollution in the News
  >Candlewood Lake Pollution Study 2016 | Candlewood Lake Pollution Westconn Study 2016
  Condo SystemsCommunity Sewer Systems: State Regulations
  ConnecticutBrookfield WPCA in Western Connecticut
  Nitrogen CreditsNitrogen Abatement and Credit System
  Total OutflowTotal Outflow Leaving Brookfield for Treatment
  Public HearingAdopted Rules & Regulations Change | Aug 24, 2011
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