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Dean Road Survey Results

Results by property:

The results from those that responded on-line are shown below.
Overall about 1/3 responded Yes, 1/3 responded No and 1/3 did not respond

Owner Name#StreetRepair DateProblemsRain ProblemVoteComment
Larsson Paul J1Dean Road1962NoNoNoY
Bruce & Mary Ann Grogan16Dean Road1962NoNot SureYesY
Sassetti Lawrence J and Vickie E27Dean Road1982NoNoNoY
Bertilson Earl S and Marilyn S30Dean Road0000NoNoNoY
John Watters36Dean Road1973NoNoYesY
Edward and Cheryl Burke6Dean Road1989NoNoNot SureY
Alan J Lutrus114Pocono Road2004NoNoNot SureY
Kenneth & Elaine Kruzansky116Pocono Road2001NoNoNot SureY
Thomas gaulard120Pocono Road2007NoNoYesY
Giuseppe De Masi122Pocono Road1975NoNoNot SureY
Maura Zancan124 Pocono Road1975NoNoNoY
Stephen Egelhoff132Pocono Road1962NoNoNot SureY
Jeff Pranger135Pocono Road2009YesYesNoY
Miguel Betancourt141Pocono Road1989NoNoNoY
Robert & Helen Czupkowski146Pocono Road0000NoNoYesY
Tammie Emmons150 Pocono Road0000NoNoYesY
Heidi Vala162 Pocono Road0000NoNoYesY
Gustav Koenecke II167Pocono Road1940NoNot SureYesY
David Wabol168Pocono Road1994NoNoNot SureY
Rooney, Glenn Allan and Barbara Elizabeth173Pocono Road1993Not SureNot SureYesY
paul barry174Pocono Road0000NoNoNoY
Marshall Gilchrist175Pocono Road0000YesYesYesY
Somebody Else54Pocono Road1976YesNoNot SureN
DevanandGEkzPocono Road0000NoNoNoY